MMPL Foundries

Mantri Autocast KagalUnit 2 Kagal plantRudrapur, Uttarakhand
Year Established200620082008
Capacity (Metric tons per Annum)9000300007200
Molding line Details– ARPA 450
– ARPA 450
– Sinto Line HPFML
– ARPA 450
– ARPA 900
– ARPA 450
– ARPA 450
Weight Range, Kg5 To 4515 To 1001.5 To 45


Capacity 39000 Tons + 7200 tons = 46200 Tons
# of UnitsTwo + one dedicated to Domestic customer
MaterialGrey and Ductile Iron
Weight RangeUp to 100 Kgs
Molding Line– High Pressure Flask less from Sintokogio
– 5 Conventional ARPA 450 and 1 ARPA 900 Jolt Squeeze Lines
Flask size– Min 500 x 500 x 200/200, – Max 1000 x 700 x 275/275
MeltingInduction Furnaces 1T, 2T
Sand PlantFully automated sand plant with sand cooler and online moisture sand control system
CoresShell and Cold box shooters, core coating equipments, Core Ovens
Post moldingCooling conveyor for casting conveying after knock out ensuring no damage and first in first out, Sand Blast, fettling
QualitySpectro, ultrasonic, Image Analyzer, UTM , CS apps etc in all units

Unit 2: Kagal

Capacity : 30000 MT per annum


Crucible size, KgsPowerMakePower System
10002000 KWInductothermTri Trak
10001000 KWInductothermMono Trak
20001750 KWInductothermDual Trak

Pouring System:

  • Auto pour system unheated Tundish from Inductotherm for Sinto Line.
  • Ladle handlers and Cranes for Jolt Squeeze molding lines.

MMPL Machine Shops

Unit 1 Shiroli plantUnit 3 Kagal PlantMAC Machine ShopUTK Unit
Inspection Highlights2 CMM
Surface Roughness tester Profile projector
Surface Roughness tester
Millipore tester
Surface Roughness tester
Surface Roughness tester

Machine Shop Devision

Paint Shop

Type of CoatBoth primer and Top coat
ColorAs per customer specification
Paint sourceCustomer approved source / other sources
Paint ProcessTest panels approved by customer
Capacity40,000 parts per month with capability to increase further
PretreatmentNine Stage tank with Auto Program and Transporter
Testing LabSalt spray, impact, DFT, hardness, bend stress etc.

Total area is 7250 SQ FT, 15 MTR X 45 MTR

Conveyor Line

View of total Paint Shop.

Liquid Paint Booth

Powder Coating Booth